To energize young minds, to enthuse them to be curious, to excite them to be imaginative, and to finally mould them to be good and dynamo leaders of tomorrow.


To offer value education to youngsters; to enable them to achieve their highest potential to instill in them the qualities of hard work and perseverance; to enable them to remain focused and to strive hard for realizing their goals; to develop and international attitude to be global citizens of tomorrow.

Through a team of qualified and committed staff, innovative strategies and effective instructional methods, the school will:
  • Focus on the academic achievement of its students by emphasizing on improving their literacy through reading, comprehension and writing skills, and enhancing their proficiency in all subjects;
  • Foster a school environment in which students thrive and develop positive self-esteem by encouraging classroom participation, and involvement in extra-curricular and after-school activities;
  • Motivate the students to strive to achieve their maximum potential by encouraging them to develop a lifelong love for learning, problem solving and exploration; and Inculcate in them the Core Values of Integrity, Discipline, Commitment, Respect and Productive Citizenship.