At the Kindergarten, we make sure your child feels secure, has access to the best facilities and activities, and receives a gentle introduction to learning. Your child is in a warm, caring environment under the supervision of experienced and professional staff. Our highly trained staff is determined to ensure that the first experience of learning is structured, productive and fun. Through a programme of carefully selected activities and through friendly interaction between children, we work to develop in each the confidence and the curiosity that are the key elements for later learning. Experiential learning in the outdoors is at the heart of our Kindergarten.

Through structured play, we foster: 

  1. Communication skills: Story-telling, listening to others, listening to music, Dramatic play, etc.
  2. Fine physical control: cutting, drawing, painting and handling books appropriately.
  3. Larger physical movements: throwing, catching, running, jumping, etc.
  4. The confidence to enable the children to adjust to their widening environment, both socially and emotionally.
  5. The skills that prepare the children for entry into primary school.

 From Class- I onwards, the school is a religious follower of CCE (Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation) – a complete child centric approach to teaching and learning where each child’s uniqueness is identified by creating opportunities of maximum exposure, maximum participation and exploring the maximum of every domain.

At the Secondary level, the academic programme strictly imbibes the syllabi and pattern of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). In an application based scholastic environment, students are prepared for admission in reputed universities to attain a higher level of specialization and appropriate stream selection.

Expert consultancy and recurring guidance charters a career map to develop respect for each profession while knowing the one that suits one’s aptitude.

Linguistic skills, scientific temperament, mathematical accuracy, informative soundness, technical efficiency, global dynamism, digital learning, leadership qualities, life-skills and a spirit of adventure- remain the areas of focal concern and concentrated efforts at all the levels of the school.

Discussions, debates, role plays, story-telling and read-aloud sessions, lab experiments, puzzles and riddles, field visits, excursions, sports and extra -curricular opportunities, participation in competitions, enriching rendezvous with eminent personalities, seminars, workshops, class presentations and special day celebrations, are the components that build Euphoria of learning .